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You may cancel your booking at any time. Cancellation requests must be sent to us in writing to Customer Services, Travelcation Ltd.,

2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London HA4 7AE, United Kingdom, or by email to: by the lead name on your booking and it will not take effect until received by us. Upon receipt of your cancellation request, the principal(s) or supplier(s) may be entitled to charge a cancellation fee as specified in their terms and conditions.

Cancellation fees may be as much as 100% of the total price of the travel service depending on when the cancellation occurs. Bookings are usually non-refundable unless stated otherwise any time after the date of booking. In addition,

  • a) If a passenger decides to cancel the flight, we incur administration costs in processing your cancellation request, we charge an administration fee of £75 per passenger and
  • b) If the flight is cancelled by the airline, we charge an administration fee of £25 per passenger in processing your cancellation request.

In case the flight is cancelled by the Airlines due to COVID Restrictions, the below options will be given:

  • Open Ticket - Open tickets can be given depending upon the Airline's policy.
  • Date Changes - Changes can be done and charges may be applicable as per the Airline's policy.
  • Refund - Refund will be given after deduction of £25 admin/supplier fee per passenger.

Partially Used Tickets:

In the case of partially used tickets, we as a travel agent can only submit the refund request from our side. However, the refund amount is subject to Airlines/Supplier discretion.


If you want to amend any aspect of your booking you must notify us in writing by post at Customer Services, Travelcation Ltd., 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London HA4 7AE, United Kingdom. We cannot guarantee that an amendment can be made after your booking is confirmed and this will depend on the terms and conditions of the supplier(s) of the travel service(s). Other than in respect of a request to increase the number of persons in your party/booking, you would need to pay an amendment fee of £50 per passenger, together with the airline/supplier amendment charges (if any). If you have taken out travel insurance, you may be able to claim any cancellation and amendment charges under your policy.

NOTE- The amount paid for the amendments is always NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you know that you would like to defer your travel plans, then please e-mail us by clicking here or call us on +44-808-196-0664 and let us know your preferred dates to move your booking to. Also, in case of re-issuance/refunds, there could be an admin fee involved depending upon the airline/supplier's conditions. Please do not expect an immediate reply, once we are through our immediate departures we will move on these replies and call you about your plans. To assist us in dealing with your request, please also detail your booking reference number, current planned date of travel and best phone number to contact you.


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